The van der Meer lab, part of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College, is committed to advancing our understanding of the brain.

We do this through four focus areas:

(1) Research into the fundamental brain mechanisms that underlie the interplay between learning, memory, and decision-making (see also the gallery and publication list). To promote transparency and reproducibility in research, code for our papers is available on our lab Github repository.

(2) Providing a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary training environment for entry-level undergraduate projects, graduate degrees, and post-doctoral fellows.

(3) Application of innovative, interactive teaching methods in undergraduate and graduate courses. Step-by-step neural data analysis tutorials are available on our lab wiki.

(4) Outreach activities, such as those through Shad Valley and Let's Talk Science.


September 2018: New papers by Eric (on where those beautiful gamma oscillations in the ventral striatum come from) and Jimmie (on coding of cue identity in the ventral striatum) now out!

March 2017: Check out our new summer school on Methods in Neuroscience, held at Dartmouth this August!

Jul 2016: new papers from Julien (on synchrony between prefrontal cortex and ventral striatum), Alyssa and Youki (on how to improve decoding of memories and plans) now available.

Sep 2015: the lab's move from the University of Waterloo to Dartmouth is now complete! Lots of moving boxes and new equipment arrivals!

Sep 2015: Sushant's paper how ventral striatal gamma oscillations relate to outcome value is now in press!