Lab members

  • Matthijs (Matt) van der Meer
    Assistant Professor
    Psychological and Brain Sciences
    Dartmouth College

    mvdm at dartmouth dot edu
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Graduate students:

  • Eric Carmichael (PhD, PBS; previously at NTNU, Trondheim)
  • Jimmie Gmaz (PhD, PBS; previously at Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • Emily Irvine (PhD, PBS; previously at McGill)
  • Youki Tanaka (PhD, PBS; previously at University of Toronto)


  • Andrew Alvarenga
  • Alyssa Carey

Alumni (post-doc):

  • Julien Catanese (previously at College de France, Paris)

Alumni (graduate):

Selected alumni (undergraduate):

  • Anqi Zhang (Research Assistant), Neuroscience, McGill


There are no funded positions currently available. However, for exceptional candidates mechanisms to join the lab can often be found.

Dartmouth has many programs to get involved in research as an undergraduate!

neurotree, neuroweb, neurocloud...

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