Lab members

  • Matthijs (Matt) van der Meer
    Associate Professor
    Psychological and Brain Sciences
    Dartmouth College

    mvdm at dartmouth dot edu
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  • Jeff Stott
  • Eleonore Duvelle

Graduate students:

  • Hung-Tu Chen
  • Manish Mohapatra
  • Catherine Holland (joint w/Jonathan Phillips)
  • Miriam Janssen

Alumni (post-doc):

  • Julien Catanese (previously at College de France, Paris)

Alumni (graduate):

  • Eric Carmichael (PhD, PBS; previously at NTNU, Trondheim)
  • Jimmie Gmaz (PhD, PBS; previously at Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • Emily Irvine (PhD, PBS; previously at McGill)
  • Youki Tanaka (PhD, PBS; previously at University of Toronto)
  • Alyssa Carey (MSc, Biology; uWaterloo graduate)
  • Rob Cross (MSc, Biology)
  • Sushant Malhotra (Masters, Systems Design Engineering)
  • Yan Wu (Masters, Systems Design Engineering; with Chris Eliasmith), now PhD student, University of Cambridge, UK

Selected alumni (undergraduate):

  • Anqi Zhang (Research Assistant), Neuroscience, McGill


We are hiring a research assistant/lab manager! See here for a description of the position, and information on how to apply.

Dartmouth has many programs to get involved in research as an undergraduate!

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